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Help, I'm in menopause!

It's just how we are made as women. From (approximately) our 45th – 50th year of life, our hormone balance changes and we enter 'the transition'. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the transition is that you no longer have your monthly bleeding. But unfortunately there are also less pleasant sides to it. We all know the stories about hot flashes, sweat attacks, mood swings, fatigue, weight fluctuations, less sex drive, etc. But fortunately, menopause does not have to mean the end of your sex life.

What is happening in your body?

Men continue to produce sperm cells until they die. In women, the eggs are simply used up at a certain age. Fortunately, because at the age of 75 you still gave birth to a baby, of course you shouldn't think about that. Because the egg cells decrease, the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone also decreases. The decrease in estrogen has a lot of influence on your body, which can cause the aforementioned complaints. Your body simply needs time to find a new (hormone) balance.
Less sex drive?

The decrease in estrogen also affects the vagina. The wall of the vagina becomes thinner, resulting in less body lubricant. In some cases this can cause pain during sex. Partly because of this, you may feel less like having sex.

In addition, I also hear stories from women who have not experienced their sex life as pleasant, that they use the menopause as an excuse to no longer have to have sex with their partner. Children are born, the children are raised and then the decision is made not to have to use sexual intercourse anymore. But sex and intimacy are an important part of their relationship for most people. So here is a task for both the man and the woman to find a way together. If you can't find a solution together, then relationship or sex coaching may help.

Time to break the negative spiral

The transition complaints are there, that's a fact. You can consciously choose to use this period to discover how you can still be intimate with your love partner in a pleasant way. For example, you can use a lubricant for vaginal dryness. A silicone - based lubricant feels softer and can usually be used a little longer than a water - based lubricant . In addition, sex does not always have to consist of penetration (penis in vagina sex). Discover how you can be intimate with each other in other ways (tip; take a look at giving an erotic massage for him and for her ). In the transition phase, the children are often a bit older and may have already left the house, so you have more peace and space to make new discoveries. Look for inspiration together. For example, take a look at my webshop together, discuss what you find interesting and make fun plans to try out new things.

Wisdom and social influence

Don't let menopause or menopause make you a complaining woman. Did you know that most women get more administrative positions during this period? That many women play an important social role, in which wisdom, energy and strength radiate to their environment. Keep taking care of yourself, eat healthy, keep moving and don't let the transition happen to you but get started. And if you experience really serious complaints, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

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