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Go. Love Yourself!


Everyone has the right to a satisfying sex life.


Womanizer stands for quality. All toys undergo various tests and checks before they are shipped.

Is there something wrong with your toy? Intimitijd is an authorized seller of Womanizer, which means we can offer you a 5-year warranty on Womanizer toys!

What is an 'air pressure' vibrator?

An air pressure vibrator is a type of sex toy that uses air pressure to stimulate the clitoris. Unlike traditional vibrators that vibrate, an air pressure vibrator uses a gentle sucking motion to increase blood circulation and sensitivity, resulting in intense orgasms. This technology was developed by the Womanizer brand and is also called "Pleasure Air Technology".

An air pressure vibrator is better than a regular vibrator for some women because it offers a different way of stimulation. Using suction instead of vibration can provide more direct and intense stimulation to the clitoris, allowing some women to climax faster and more intensely.

Everyone is unique!

The stimulation head of a Womanizer completely surrounds the clitoris and delivers incredible sensations. Since no clitoris is the same, most products are equipped with two different attachments to ensure that everyone can choose the fit that suits them best.


Different properties

Each womanizer is waterproof and has different intensity levels. Check per product whether it also has Autopilot and/or Smart Silence.



Close your eyes, lie down and let Autopilot spoil you. Autopilot surprises you with random changes of intensities without you having to manually adjust the settings. Get rid of boring routines... With no way to predict what's next, Autopilot leaves only the feeling of anticipation and ecstasy.


Smart Silence​™

Turn on your WOMANIZER and listen... silence. A highly sensitive sensor ensures that your WOMANIZER is only activated when it comes into contact with your skin. Until then, it's in standby mode and returns to it when you put it aside. Nothing, absolutely nothing, distracts you from your desire.


Intensity levels

Do you prefer soft and tender or powerful and intense? Everyone is different and at WOMANIZER they understand that. The balanced intensity levels are designed with feedback from hundreds of women around the world. Because of this, one thing is certain: there is a perfect intensity for every individual, every level of sensitivity and every mood.



Whether it's the highlight of your morning shower or the icing on the cake of your evening bath ritual... WOMANIZER is IPX7 waterproof and can be used whenever you want.


Did you buy a Womanizer from Intimitijd and is it defective? Always contact us and we will look for a solution together.

The warranty covers product defects and manufacturing defects on all rechargeable and battery powered items. (Cords, charging cables and attachment caps are not covered by the warranty). Damage caused by misuse, excessive use and disassembly are excluded from the warranty conditions.

Do you need a new charging cable or attachments / caps? Contact us, we can in many cases reorder these for you!