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What are massage candles?

+ manual for use

Massage candles can be lit with a fire just like regular candles. Massage candles, unlike regular candles, consist of a mix of soy wax, butter (shea butter) and caring oils. The soy wax used for massage candles usually has a melting point of about 45c (degrees). This ensures that the molten oil that forms after lighting can be safely applied to the skin. The massage candle releases a wonderful scent while burning and the oil that is created is suitable for the whole body.

Keep in mind that a massage candle needs to burn for an average of 10 to 15 minutes before enough oil has melted to give (or receive) a full massage. While burning, the room fills with the wonderful scents of the massage candle, which immediately creates a romantic atmosphere.

See what you like. One likes it when the oil is about equal to your own body temperature, but some like it when the oil is a bit warmer.

The use of a massage candle increases the romance and is ideal for foreplay. Of course you can also use the massage candle for a regular massage.

We do not recommend using the oil from a massage candle on the intimate parts or using it as a lubricant.

Read the steps for using a massage candle below!


1. Light the massage candle and put it in a safe place.

2. Please note that it takes at least 15 minutes for enough oil to melt.

3. Blow out the flame before using the massage candle. Wait about 1 minute for the melted oil to cool slightly.

4. After burning for a long time, the outside of the candle may be hot. Check this carefully.

5. First feel with your finger, wrist or top of your hand whether the oil is not too hot. Let it stand a little longer if this is the case.

6. Place your hand on your partner's body, palm down. Pour the oil onto the top of your hand so that it flows down your hand onto your partner's body. This way you can be sure that it doesn't feel too hot on the skin.

7. Massage the body parts you want.

Please note: the oil of a massage candle is not suitable as a lubricant or for use on or in the private parts.

Tips: provide a heated (bed) room. Create a romantic atmosphere and possibly put on relaxing music. The massage candle spreads a wonderful scent while burning, which will definitely put you in the mood!