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Els Intimitijd

Els wants to break the taboo on sexuality among Christians


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It is now more than 2 years ago that Els came up with the idea to start a Christian erotic shop . Els herself was looking for good information and inspiration, but did not feel comfortable in regular online erotica shops.

Her webshop Intimitijd has now grown into the largest Christian erotica shop in the BeNeLux. It is Els' mission to make sexuality more negotiable in the Christian Netherlands. She herself experiences that talking about sex and eroticism can still be a taboo among Christians. With her webshop she wants to create a positive view of sex for both men and women. "Sex is so much more than the act alone. Sex contributes to a healthy relationship. Make yourself feel loved and loved as a human being. Sex is one of the most beautiful things God has created."

Our values

Safe environment:

With we offer a safe environment to shop for erotic products. Our website is free of nude images and offensive language.

Education and information:

We value good descriptions of our products and provide information and inspiration in our blogs.

Quality products:

All our products are carefully selected by us. We think it is important that our products have a beautiful design, are of high quality and safe to use.


Els thinks it's important to be more than just a webshop. She also tries to get the conversation going in other ways. For example, intimate time has already done a major study into the differences in sexuality between Christians and non-Christians. This research was published by, among others, the EO. She recently conducted research into the experience of sex in the corona period, an article of which appeared on CIP. She also participated as a panel member at a symposium for sexologists and appeared in a television broadcast of the program 'God in the Low Countries'. In addition to her webshop, Els is also active as a guest lecturer in the minor on sexuality at the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede. A few years ago she successfully completed an HBO sexology course and she is a member of the NVVS - the Dutch Association for Sexologists.

Eroticism and Christians
When one thinks of an erotic web shop, especially in the Christian world, one quickly thinks of something that is ordinary and does not suit Christians. The original meaning of the word erotic is "the whole of the feelings of love". In eroticism, the emphasis is not on the sexual intercourse itself, but on all the feelings surrounding it. This is mainly about building a desire to be intimate with each other.

Els: "In our Christian erotica shop Intimitijd you can view the product range together with your partner and discover together which articles do and do not appeal to you. We do not aim to determine for others which products are or are not suitable (for Christians) , we leave this choice to you as a user. Do also take a look at my blog for information, inspiration and tips for a good sex life."