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Lorals Panties Intimitijd latex onderbroekjes

There are two Lorals variants:

Lorals Bikini (slightly more nude) and Lorals Shortie (slightly more covering)

Lorals Panties: for oral pleasure

The best way to get in the mood and enjoy during foreplay is of course ORAL SEX! Where one explores the body of the other without embarrassment, shame and reservation with his or her tongue, others (sometimes) experience a threshold.

Where does this come from? Maybe you're doubting whether you're 'clean' enough underneath, or you're (still a little) menstruating, you've just worked out and you're still sweaty, you're unsure about your body, hair or other things. But it may also be that you just don't feel like that stinging beard between your legs.

For all these things there is now one solution: LORALS! A unique product that is now available for customers in the Netherlands and Belgium at Intimitijd.

What do we mean by oral sex?

The official (medical) term for women is 'cunnilingus', also known as licking or licking. For men that is 'fellatio' or sucking or sucking. And when it is aimed at (the area around) the anus, it is called ' anilingus ' or 'analingus', also known as rimming or ass licking.

If reading the terms 'rimming' and 'ass licking' has left you wanting to read... read on and let us explain a bit more :).

Oral sex is therefore a collective term for stimulating, pampering, stimulating the vulva (vagina, clitoris, vagina), the penis, scrotum, perineum or (the area around) the anus.

Oral sex is experienced by many people as the ultimate foreplay. And the majority of women do not come through penetration, but often through oral stimulation of the clitoris. So oral sex is not just foreplay, but also a way for people with a vulva to reach an orgasm!

Then about rimming... one thinks it's fantastic and the other absolutely shouldn't think about it and thinks it's 'not done'. Why do some people think this is so fantastic? The anus is very sensitive and contains many nerve endings. So there are many people who can enjoy this intensely. Not only in the oral area, but also other forms of anal stimulation. Maybe you find it interesting and would like to discover this, but you don't think it's hygienic or even dirty. Then read on!

How can I use Lorals Panties?

The short answer is: as you wish! But to help you on your way, we provide a number of tips and suggestions. We have two variants; 'Bikini' and 'Shortie'. The Bikini variant is slightly more concealing and the Shortie covers more skin. Choose what you like.

Lorals panties come in a pack of 4. Each pair of pants is individually, hygienically packaged. The size is easy to carry and even fits in your back pocket.

Lorals panties are primarily designed for oral sex, but the material is very strong and stretchy, so you can easily penetrate with a finger through the panties without it tearing (you have to experience it!). For this we recommend that you fold the bottom properly between your buttocks and labia.

The bottom is silky soft on the outside and has a light vanilla scent and taste. The inside of the bottom sticks well to your skin so that it does not shift during use.

Give your partner free rein to spoil you orally the way he wants, without direct contact with the vagina, clitoris or anus. Or tell your partner what you like and what you would like to try.

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