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Tips for giving an erotic massage (for him)

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with new ideas for your sex life on your own. Giving an erotic massage for example. How do you handle that? And where should you actually start? In this blog I provide an explicit step-by-step description and a number of practical tips for a nice erotic massage, in which the male partner is central. In a next blog I will give tips for an erotic massage for her!

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1. Planning and preparation

Although we also love spontaneous ideas, when giving an erotic massage it is sometimes useful to plan a date with each other and to prepare a bit. Because for an extensive erotic massage you can take at least 2 hours. Make sure you have a date in the diaries, your children are in bed or are staying out for the night. Make sure you have a nice massage oil at home and a lubricant. Take a look at LovePlay's erotic massage oils that have an aphroditic scent. You can also order a massage candle , then you can massage with a wonderfully scented warm oil. A water- based or silicone-based lubricant is also useful to have on hand in this case. Finally a large towel to lie on. So much for the preparation.

2. Setting the scene!

The date of your date has arrived. Just checking… everything is in the house? Turn on the heating in the bedroom an hour before the moment arrives. Lying naked in a cold bedroom doesn't get anyone in the mood. Brrrr.. ;). Have you bought a massage candle? Then light it at least an hour in advance so that enough oil has melted. Make sure the room is tidy and make it cozy with some candles. (use electric tea lights for safety). Make it completely romantic by scattering rose petals on the stairs and placing a tea light on each step. Ask your partner if he likes it when music is playing softly. For some this helps to relax, others find it distracting. Spotify has very suitable playlists for this, for example 'Relaxing Massage'.

Tip: Ask your partner to take a nice shower (and do this yourself). We also have a wonderful line of Bodycare products for this.
Tip: Put on a sexy lingerie set yourself.

3. Let's do this

Have your partner lie on his stomach on the bed (don't forget the towel). Start first with a 'regular' body massage. Take the time to feel your partner's body and gently massage his muscles so that he can relax completely. Massage his back, arms and legs. Take as much time as you need for this. This way he will be completely relaxed and he will soon be able to surrender completely to you.

4. Tease

After you've given him a relaxing body massage, it's time to start the seduction by teasing him a bit. Try to discover what your partner's erogenous zones are, but don't touch the penis and scrotum yet. Give him soft kisses, caress with your fingertips, rest your breasts gently on his back and let your breath feel at his ear, whisper sweet things. Move your fingers up and down between his toes and gently lick, suck, or bite his toes or fingertips. Gently (!) run your nails over his back, down his buttocks. Use your own imagination and do this for as long as you want…

5. Build up

It's time to build up the tension. Slowly massage or caress up the inside of his legs and lightly touch his scrotum with your fingertips. Massage his buttocks and especially the dimple just above his buttocks. This place contains a lot of accumulated sexual energy that is released by massaging it. Gently stroke between his buttocks with your fingertips.

Of course you don't just have to massage it with your hands. Use the rest of your body as well, for example by resting your breasts on him or slowly sliding your upper body and breasts over his back and buttocks.
Ask your partner to turn over and lie on their back. He can place his hands relaxed next to him or behind his head. Just what he finds most relaxing.

If it is your intention to finish the erotic massage by hand, you can use a body-friendly massage oil for the penis. If you want to switch to coitus (penetration) after the massage, I advise you to use a lubricant for this part.

Grab some extra massage oil or lubricant and start massaging all parts around the penis. His lower abdomen, his groin, the insides of his thighs. Continue to tease him by occasionally running your fingertips along his penis and scrotum. Or put your warm hand on his scrotum and caress it with your other hand.

6. To a climax

Due to the slow and extensive build-up, a lot of sexual tension has built up in your partner's body. He will be very eager for a climax at this time. From now on you will focus completely on your partner's penis and scrotum.

Sit between his legs (on your knees or cross-legged), so that you can reach his penis with both hands. Ask him to put his legs in a V with his feet together, wrapped around you.

Drip enough massage oil or lubricant over his penis again. You can do this by placing your hand on his penis and letting the massage oil drip through your fingers. Now start massaging the penis with different techniques. Start with an easy pace and increase the pace as soon as you feel your partner is ready. You can slide your hands over the penis in different ways. Like a kind of corkscrew (turning up and down), wring it out (do this gently of course), by making fire with your hands, as it were. Another technique that he will find very pleasant is if you cup your hand and go over the top of the penis in this way.

Tip: If you pamper the penis with one hand, you can lightly massage the scrotum and the perineum (spot between the anus and scrotum) with the other hand.

Work towards its peak in this way. As soon as you notice that he is about to come, stop and let the feeling subside and then build back up to an orgasm. Do this a few times. This postponement of the orgasm is also called 'edging' and ensures that the final orgasm is even more intense and intense. It also helps to recognize the signals of an orgasm so that you can train and extend your sexual stamina in this way. When you're both ready, let the orgasm go and don't forget to enjoy in each other's arms.

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