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Five tips for your love life in lockdown

I've lost count of the weeks we have to stay home. No matter how crazy and annoying the situation is, I hear more and more people around me say that they also try to see the positive sides of it. No full busy schedules with sports, music lessons and other hobbies of the children or their own. Get up at a more relaxed pace and spend lots of time with the family.

Fortunately, I experience this myself. I'm really super proud of my family and the way we do this together. Where we first thought that being at home would give more time for other things, we now notice that this is quite disappointing in practice. We have to divide the days that we both work because the youngest cannot go to daycare. This in turn results in regular evening work. Having a small baby around you during the day and also helping the other children with their school work does not always give the feeling that we now have extra time.

Being together all the time and sitting on each other's lip can of course also cause the necessary tensions. You may get irritated more easily with each other or with the children. Before you know it there will be tension everywhere, except in the bedroom ;). That is of course not the intention! I hope that many people can use this period positively by consciously giving time to your relationship and love life.

To help you on your way, I have five practical tips for you:

  1. Communicate: Use this period to have a good conversation about your relationship and to reflect on how your sex life is actually doing. Do you know your partner's (deepest) desires?
  2. Discover: In the course of your life and relationship you develop as a person and your sex life develops along with it. In this you can continue to discover together. Take a look at our webshop together and walk past the different products and categories and discuss this with each other. You may have already filled in for the other person whether or not he or she wants something, but you will be in for a surprise when you discuss this together.
  3. Schedule a sex date: It's not very good for your sex life to have your kids around all day. So set the alarm at 06.00 before the kids wake up 😉. Or think of other creative ways to enjoy each other undisturbed. For example, if you have a bunch of teenagers at home, put them to puzzle for a few hours with this free online escape room.
  4. Keep the humor in it: Will you be disturbed again… laugh about it and better next time.
  5. Turn off that phone, especially when you're in bed together at night. And did you know that several studies have already shown that a television in the bedroom is not conducive to your sex life?

Stay healthy and enjoy each other!

Els Gouman

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