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Sex and pregnancy

Recently I spoke to a good friend of mine who told me that she was pregnant again. What a very cool news was my first reaction. Since she was still very early in her pregnancy, she said that they still had to get used to the idea together. Her husband was particularly concerned that he would miss the intimacy between them.

Fortunately, I was able to reassure and enthuse her by telling her that my experience in this has been completely different. Of course I was tired faster during the first 3 months of my pregnancy and I needed more (night) rest. But when I myself spoke to a number of women from our congregation at the beginning of my second pregnancy, they taught me that from Grace we can also experience a pregnancy completely differently. After all, everything has already been worn on the cross, right?! Wow what a cool discovery. It was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes. So it can also be different?

And how cool the second pregnancy was also completely different from the first pregnancy. I really enjoyed the sex during this pregnancy. Because the small pelvic floor has more blood flow and your bottom is a bit more swollen, you can experience an orgasm through penetration. While normally this was not the case with me. So a totally new experience. We have had a nice exciting pregnancy. And I was often amazed myself at how often I felt like making love to my husband.

Since my two deliveries went very smoothly and quickly without tearing or anything like that, we were able to quickly resume our sex life after giving birth. Of course after the 6 mandatory weeks that the midwife and maternity nurse pressed our hearts to wait.

Of course, it also happens to many women that they experience pain during sex long after giving birth or do not dare to start it at all. What might be a good tip is to train your muscles through Kegel exercises. This is even recommended by the midwife.

I am curious about your experiences. Can you give new mothers-to-be any tips? Or give women who have lesser experiences in sex during their pregnancy an encouraging message?

Els Gouman

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