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5 exciting assignments to do together (after curfew has started)

Never expected to use this word, curfew, again in a blog. The last time there was a curfew in the Netherlands, it was war. It remains a bizarre time, living in a world where a pandemic controls our daily lives. And no matter how tough this period is, we still have to make the best of it together. Earlier I wrote a blog with five tips for your relationship in corona time. In this blog we provide inspiration for even more explicit assignments. Because in the upcoming period you will be even more dependent on each other as couples, so make the best of it together. And who knows, these exciting assignments to do together can help with that.

Assignment 1: Create an 'intimate question jar'
This assignment requires a little more preparation time. The idea is as follows: Together with your partner, you come up with a number of intimate questions during the day or week that you always wanted to ask your partner. Do this separately. Write each question on a separate piece of paper and put it in a jar. Schedule an evening in your agenda and create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom (no clutter, music, candles...). Take turns taking a question from the jar and asking the other person. If the tension rises in the bedroom, surrender to this and save the rest of the questions for another evening.
Tip: Do you find it difficult to come up with questions yourself? The game ultimate desire contains a package with more than 50 intimate questions.

Assignment 2: Draw up a sex bucket list together
Everyone has a deep desire, wish or fantasy in the field of sex that has not yet been fulfilled. You may know them from each other. But have you ever written them down together? Sit down together. Grab a pen and paper (or make a note on your phone) and start writing. Who knows, you might come up with more fun ideas and fantasies together. Fun guaranteed! Who knows, you might get to know your partner's desires even better. Keeping fantasizing is only good. And know that from sexologists, having sex fantasies is actually encouraged to get more into sex. So nothing to be ashamed of.
Tips: Are there exciting places where you would like to do 'it'? Is there a position you would like to try? Does it seem exciting to you to take erotic photos of each other?

Assignment 3: 'Discover-your-spot' with a glow in the dark marker
Buy a black light (body paint) marker and a small black light flashlight at the large well-known online web store. Then go to the bathroom separately and indicate where on your own body your erogenous zones are (circle these or indicate with an arrow). Erogenous zones are the places on your body that provide sexual arousal when touched or stimulated. Then turn off the light in the bedroom and use the flashlight to look for these erogenous zones on your partner. Then touch these places lovingly and get to know your partner even better.

Assignment 4: Give a relaxing facial massage
A massage should not be missing from this list. But we all know the standard body massage . It is even more intimate if you massage your partner's face very gently. Do not use a heavily scented oil for this, but a neutral oil. Ask your partner to close their eyes and then massage their chin, cheeks, eye sockets, forehead and temples gently and erotically. Alternate the fine massage by lightly tapping over the skin with your fingertips. Or make walking movements with your fingers.

Assignment 5: Hide and seek
Hide a small object under your clothes. Deep in your pocket, in your boxer shorts, in your bra. Your partner will tell you what the object is, but of course not where you have hidden it. Your partner should search for this object as sensually as possible. Make it extra difficult by using an hourglass or by blindfolding your partner.

Have fun with these exciting assignments in the coming time!

Els Gouman
Owner Intimidation

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