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Valentine commercial or....?

Just google the true story behind Valentijn. You will then come across various versions of the story of how Valentine's Day originated.

One version of the story is that this day was an important feast for the Romans. According to the story, the names of unmarried young women were thrown into a large bowl. Unmarried men could then take turns drawing a name. During the party, the two young people who were paired together were each other's partners. When Christianity emerged in Europe, this pagan festival was banned by the Church.

Another version of this story is that Saint Valentine was persecuted and arrested by the Roman Emperor Claudius for his faith. In the evening before Valentijn was executed, he wrote his first valentine to his lover.

And now?
Many people consider it a commercial hassle. And to be honest, I kind of like it myself. The shelves of the stores are full of red-tinted gifts and even more can be ordered online. There is even a special Valentine's homepage to be found on the internet and yes, there is also plenty for sale at intimate time.

But secretly I hope every year that my dear husband will spoil me a little again, despite the underlying thoughts of the commercial hassle. Some people just need such a date to remind them to put their sweetheart in the spotlight.

And maybe I'll secretly participate in it again this year. Because oh well commercial hassle or not. It's great to put your sweetheart in the spotlight again.

What do you think?

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