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Shame and insecurity in the bedroom: making love with the lights off?

I (Els) will be blogging for Meet you in the field in the coming period. A new platform for (Christian) women in their thirties. For this platform I write about various bedroom issues.

Insecurity, shame and sex: not a good combination

As the owner of a Christian sex shop, I regularly speak to women who indicate that they suffer (a lot) from their own insecurity and shame and that this has an effect on their sex life. An issue that also bothered me, especially in the beginning of my marriage.

Insecurity, shame and sex are not a good combination. Your own insecurity and shame can get in the way of the enjoyment of great sex! The more you are preoccupied with your own insecurity, the less you can focus on the pleasure that sex can give. This can even cause you to have less and less or even no sex at all.

It is nice to know that you are not born insecure. Insecurity and shame is learned. The influence of, for example, social media, our upbringing and our society in general is very great. I'm not going to say it's easy, but you can (partly) get rid of your insecurity.

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Do you suffer from insecurity and shame in the bedroom? Or do you have a partner who suffers from this? Then read the whole article on Meet you in the field . Here I give three tips that you can already get started with.

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