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Erotic blueprint: what turns you on?

An erotic blueprint is also called a love language. It says something about what turns you on. Once you know what your blueprint is, you can further develop your desires and interests. And yes, that affects your sex life. But what are the 5 different blueprints actually? And what excites you the most?

What are erotic blueprints?

Everyone has an erotic blueprint. You carry a love language with you in the same way that you carry your DNA. It is therefore already determined in advance what will get you most excited in the field of eroticism. The 5 different erotic preferences each have their own specific characteristics. Once you know which blueprint you carry with you, there are bound to be things you recognize. You know what turns you on and the easiest way to reach an orgasm. Discovering your erotic love language is therefore quite interesting!

Known for the Netflix series Sex, Love & Goop

Perhaps you were already familiar with your blueprint, or you first encountered this term while watching Sex, Love & Goop. The Netflix series gives you a glimpse into the daily lives of different couples, each with their own "struggles". Under the guidance of professionals, they get to know their partner's erotic desires. This leads them to the deeper layers of intimacy and above all, much more pleasure from each other and the sex.

Fun fact! Goop is an organization that wants to break the erotic taboo of sex and eroticism in couples. The initiator is none other than actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Briefly explained the 5 different blueprints

You can have one or two of 5 different erotic blueprints. Each love language has its own specific characteristics, but also a so-called superpower, a turn-on and a shadow. The super power tells you where you are a star in the field of sex.

For example, satisfying your partner orally, adopting a submissive attitude or giving orders. The turn-on says something about what excites you most. The shadow of your blueprint represents things that you may struggle with.

Are you curious about which love language you speak? These are the 5 different blueprints:

1. Sensual

Superpower : you get excited from the right atmosphere. You use all your senses, even your taste and smell. You are a connoisseur and let your excitement be enhanced by the ambiance. You also like to be carried away by the sounds of music during sex.

Turn-on: Vibrations and reinforcements get you excited. By depriving you of one sense, for example sight or sound, the other is amplified. If you have this blueprint you will be excited by air pressure vibrators , but also by temperature sensations.

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2. Energetic

Superpower : you want to be challenged in the game and take a wait-and-see attitude for as long as possible. You like unexpected touches and playfulness. You can come to an orgasm through the sensation and energy even without a touch.

Turn-on: you get excited and experience a deeper intimacy by grounding. Your breathing and that of your partner are important. The deeper the connection with your partner, the more excited and intuitive you become.

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3. Sexual

Superpower: if you have this blueprint you relax best with sex. You quickly get excited about someone who is "eye candy" to you. The atmosphere is less decisive here.

Turn-on: watching attractive people or exciting erotic scenes. You are most aroused by the touch of your genitals. Your skin or senses play a less important role. Do you have sex with someone who has the same sexual blueprint? Then you will also be turned on by other touches besides the genitals.

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4. Kinky

Superpower : What is a taboo for someone else can be a direct cause for excitement for you. Think for example of kinky toys, such as nipple clamps or other soft bondage toys. A taboo is personal for everyone. For you too.

Turn-on: You get turned on by a sneaky thought. Something that is taboo for you or someone else, but which you secretly find very kinky. You get into ecstasy by experimenting with kinky sex toys and like to push your limits.

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5. Shapeshifter 

Superpower: if you have this erotic blueprint you actually own a number of characteristics of each blueprint. You like variety between the sheets. You can lose yourself in a sultry atmosphere, quickly become aroused by a person and have kinky thoughts. Your desire for more allows you to effortlessly “shift” between the different forms (shapes) of sex.

Turn-on: You benefit from the turn-ons of all the erotic blueprints, but so do the dark sides.

What does this mean for your sex life?

Knowing your erotic blueprint can improve your sex life in many ways. After all, we don't get a manual about what we find exciting or not. We have to discover that. With an erotic blueprint you know exactly which areas you can explore more. You can further develop and expand these desires.

When you know what turns you on and where your limits lie, this removes any blockages. Not only for yourself, but also for your partner. He or she better understands where your excitement comes from. This not only creates more tension in your relationship, but also takes your sex life to a completely different and new level.

The Erotic Blueprints were devised and described by Miss Jaiya , a somatic sexologist from America.

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