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Suffering from stress? This way you prevent it from affecting your sex life

I (Els) will be blogging for Meet you in the field in the coming period . A new platform for (Christian) women in their thirties. For this platform I write about various bedroom issues.

The sex life of a thirtysomething is plagued by stress

I have now reached the age of 36. And I am very happy with this age phase. I now know who I am, I feel confident in my role as a husband, mother, employee and business owner. I no longer experience the many insecurities that I encountered in my twenties. I feel that I am well settled. But I still experience the pressure of everything that this phase of life asks of me. I would like to excel in my work, continue to develop personally and professionally, live a healthy life, be a good mother, a loving husband, mean something to my loved ones and if possible also have a clean and tidy home.

So the bar is high. Partly because I impose these things on myself, but also because I think others expect this of me. There will be plenty of people in their thirties who recognize themselves in this. But how does this experienced pressure actually affect your sex and love life?

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Does stress also affect your sex life? Do you want some practical tips that you can use immediately? Then read it full article on Meet you in the field.

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