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Underrated, but highly recommended: the sex pillow!

If you think pillows in the bedroom are just for resting your head on, you're wrong! A special sex pillow (also called love pillow or position pillow) gives you more options for different positions and increases comfort during sex. We actually think that everyone should have a sex pillow in the bedroom. And in this blog we explain why. So sit back (or lie down, depending on your preference) and discover how a sex pillow literally and figuratively helps your love life to reach new heights ;)

What is a sex pillow?

A sex pillow is a specially shaped pillow (or combination of different pillows) designed to position your body at the perfect angle for different sex positions. Depending on the position you choose, a sex pillow can, for example, help with more comfort, less pain, deeper penetration or new positions.

Unlike an ordinary pillow, a love pillow, sex pillow or position pillow is made of firm foam and almost always has a removable, washable cover. A good sex pillow supports every body weight and does not shift (so quickly) during movements.

Do not take an inflatable sex pillow: A good sex pillow may seem very expensive at first glance. There are also much cheaper, inflatable sex pillows for sale. However, the experience is that they are less comfortable, offer less support (they still collapse) and last less time. We have selected the sex pillows at Intimitijd on the positive experiences of customers and the quality of the product.

Why buy a sex pillow?

Next to your mattress, this will soon be the most comfortable item in your bedroom. And it's certainly not just for people who want to try new positions. A number of advantages of a sex pillow:

  • Enhanced Stimulation and Deeper Penetration : The angle of the pillow provides more stimulation for both the man and woman in certain positions and allows for deeper penetrations.
  • More comfort : The pillow provides firm support for your body, allowing you to maintain certain positions for longer or feel comfortable. Not only for penetration sex, but also for oral sex!
  • Less pain: If you or your partner have problems with your back or joints, a sex pillow can help you find a position that is less or even not painful.
  • More variety: A sex pillow gives you more variety and freedom to try out other positions. Take a look at the images for inspiration.

How do I use a sex pillow?

The lame answer is: as you wish. It is especially nice to discover together what is possible and what you like. Let your imagination run wild. Maybe something looks very nice in a picture, but it doesn't work for you. Don't panic, just try something else. To help you on your way, you will find some example positions at the bottom of this blog for inspiration.

Sex blanket or sex sheet:
Finally, a special mention: In addition to the various love pillows, we also sell a special 'sex blanket' from the Liberator brand. The Liberator Fascinator Throw. This sex sheet has two different sides with a waterproof intermediate layer in between. This makes it the perfect protection for your bed, sofa, carpet, floor, table, car, caravan, etc. during sex - at home or on the go! No more worrying about stains (lube, massage oil, body fluids, etc.)!

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