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Fascinator Throw Sex Blanket

Colour: Black

This luxurious sex blanket (sex sheet) from Liberator keeps your bedding clean and dry!

The Luxurious Fascinator Throw from Liberator is made of velvety soft microfiber with a moisture barrier on the inside that easily absorbs moisture and liquids. The sex sheet has two different sides. One side is made of soft fluffy microfibers. The other side is satiny and smooth to the touch. Between the two layers is a layer that repels moisture.

The Liberator Fascinator Throw is the perfect protection for your bed, sofa, carpet, floor, table, car, caravan, etc. during sex - at home or on the go! No more worrying about stains (lube, massage oil, body fluids, etc.)!

The sex blanket can be used on both sides and is nice and big. Afterwards, the Fascinator Throw can be easily washed in the washing machine - and is even suitable for drying in the dryer. quickly ready to be used again.

Size: 183cm x 137cm.
Material: Polyester, polyurethane.

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