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More intimate time

I felt a bit like a BCN'er in recent weeks: a well-known Christian Dutchman. Ever since the day the Nederlands Dagblad published an article about the three 'Christian sex shops' – I think the latter is a terrible word – the telephone has been ringing red and my mailbox has been flooding with e-mails.

For example, I had someone from RTL News on the phone, followed by Metro, and a radio interview with FunX. Very cool of course this attention to our webshop. After six years of hard work, this is a nice confirmation that we can be there as a Christian erotica shop.

However, the questions I received surprised me. I sometimes got the feeling that we are seen as inhabitants of another planet. A frequently asked question was: can Christians also enjoy sex? Fortunately, I can answer 'yes' to that. A good sex life is also reserved for Christians!

In fact, I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful things God made for two people. Good sex with your partner with all the trimmings gives more connection in your relationship. In addition to all kinds of healthy substances being released in your body, which make you feel happy, there is also that connection that is confirmed 'unspoken' every time. Great, I think so.

A second frequently asked question was what makes our webshop so different from a regular webshop. Well, at first glance that may not be much. The products we sell are just as easily available at other regular webshops. The added value we offer is precisely the piece of personal advice, inspiration in various blogs and good explanations of products.

In addition, you will not find any photos of naked male and female bodies - that will only make you insecure - and offensive language. The products we offer are aimed at enjoying with and from each other, and not at pain or humiliation, as with BDSM products. My personal opinion is that I don't believe that God intended sexuality that way.

I hope that sex will become more commonplace in the Christian Netherlands and that 'intimacy' will grow. I still notice that there is generally little knowledge about sexuality in these circles and denominations and that there is still too much taboo. Do you struggle with questions about sexuality or do you have other difficulties? Don't keep walking with it for too long. Find someone, or send me an app. You will definitely get an answer!

Els Gouman

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