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Sex and aging

When you get older, your sex life also changes, which I don't often think about in my thirties. The nice thing about my sexology study is that I have now gained more insights into this myself. A fact: about fifty percent of people aged 50+ are still sexually active and of those aged 70+ this is only thirty percent. Of course, it doesn't have to be a bad thing to have less sexual contact. The need for sexual contact can take on a different meaning as you get older. There is even a large group of women who are happy that they no longer have to fulfill their marital obligations. Men, on the other hand, are generally sexually active for even longer. At an older age, the lust aspects during sex are often less central, but there is still a need for intimacy, comfort and touch through sexual contact.

In this blog I describe a number of aspects related to the advantages and disadvantages of sexuality in aging.

When you get older you often notice that the energy you used to have in abundance is decreasing. The elderly are generally more tired and need more rest. If you're used to having sex at night before bed, now would be a good time to kick up any habits you may have had. For example, take advantage of the morning. Most men have a morning erection and after a good night's sleep you both have more energy. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing erection problems.

In women who have already come out of menopause, vaginal dryness can sometimes occur. The vaginal wall also becomes thinner, which can cause pain during sex. A water -based orsilicone -based lubricant can then help to prevent pain during intercourse.

In the case of men, he may become less aroused. Where he used to get excited quickly when undressing his wife, for example, it can now happen that he has less or no longer this at all. The man could then be stimulated more before sex. This can be done in various ways. Jerking off, for example with a lubricant or a masturbation egg , using a vibrator suitable for stimulation in men and women ( couple vibrator ) or via oral stimulation.

Getting older really doesn't only have disadvantages! For example, aging men come less quickly. If you always had trouble delaying ejaculation and the woman had not yet reached an orgasm, it can be wonderful for the woman that her husband needs a little longer so that she can enjoy the penetration longer.

I'm curious what other benefits you experience. Unfortunately it is not possible to respond directly to my blog, but do not hesitate to send me an e-mail to

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