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You enjoy with all five senses

I am very enthusiastic about this subject and have been looking forward to writing something about it for a long time. Every time I am amazed at how diverse sex can be and how beautifully this has been conceived and created. Sex is so much more than just a penis and a vagina (to call it by its name). Consciously using your senses during sex helps you to discover more variation in sex. So much so that you can find enough variety in your entire marriage to continue to enjoy each other. What do you mean a routine in your sex life?!…

To belong
I hear from many women that once they're in bed, there's still a lot going through their heads and sometimes they don't get out of their mind. What could help with this is relaxing music. On Spotify, for example, you have several ready-made playlists with romantic music. It helps to turn off your thoughts and to feel what is happening in your body.

When you're cuddling, name what you like about each other, whisper sweet nothings in his or her ear, and tell each other how much you enjoy the other person or how much you like something your partner is doing at the moment.

To smell
There is also so much fun to think of with smell. A nicely scented bedroom or freshly laundered bedding can already increase the sex drive. Take an extra shower before sex and make sure you get into bed smelling nice. Or use a massage oil with aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac) properties or a nice scented lubricant . There is plenty to find on our site. But did you know that your own body also emits odors that cause a certain attraction? These are pheromones: In fact, during ovulation, the woman emits certain pheromones that make her even more attractive to her partner.

To feel
Take plenty of time for foreplay and discover each other's nicest spots. Don't just use your hands for this, but also your tongue or lips, for example.

Perhaps you yourself have a preference for certain fabrics that excite you even more. Beautiful soft lingerie made of silk or maybe you prefer leather?

If you want to touch your partner's body in a different way, try using a tickler . This is a kind of bundle of silky tickle feathers on a stick. This ensures very nice soft touches on your body when you let it slide over your body. This way you can pay extra attention to all sensitive erotic spots.

You can also use the alternation of cold and warm to experience feeling in a different way. For example, take an ice cube in your mouth while you satisfy the other person orally. Or alternate the ice cube with a sip of hot tea… a whole new sensation!

I'm not a big fan of licking each other's body with whipped cream and strawberries or feeding each other bits of fruit or chocolate during foreplay. If you like this, then there is plenty to think of! Do you want something with a taste, but you don't have whipped cream or strawberries at home? Then try the 'lickable' oils that we recently added to our website. In addition, there are also various lubricants available that are 'lickable'. Of course, taste is all a matter of personal preference. If you like to swallow an oyster together before going into the bedroom, that is of course also very nice.

To see
The eye wants something too! A sexy lingerie set or beautiful boxer shorts always do well, but also consider a romantically decorated bedroom with rose petals on the bed. Or surprise your partner by making a trail of tea lights to the place where you are waiting for him or her... in the bathroom, bedroom and... fill it in yourself. And while you're there waiting, send an exciting, yet unrevealing photo of yourself to heighten the tension with the other person.

I hope that reading this blog has given you inspiration and new ideas. Enjoy the moments together and have fun. Keep exploring and doing your best for each other. A love relationship does not happen automatically, but requires a piece of investment from yourself in the other.

Els Gouman

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