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10 tips for sex on vacation

Just a few more weeks and then the summer holidays will start again. Did you know that 74% of the Dutch have more sex on holiday?! This percentage is even higher among people who travel by caravan. On holiday you have more time for each other and less of the daily stress and worries that normally inhibit you. Therefore, in addition to all the usual must-have lists, don't forget to think about things you want to take with you for the best holiday sex! In this blog, therefore, 10 practical things for sex to add to your holiday list!

10 tips for sex on vacation:

1. Travel Edition Ultimate Desire

A super fun, romantic and challenging game for two with all kinds of exciting assignments and fun questions. The game takes up little space and is therefore easy to carry in your luggage. And if you actually play the game…. The game can be ordered here

2. Wet (hygienic) wipes

Hygiene plays an important role, especially on holiday. There is a greater chance of a bladder infection if you do not wash yourself properly after having sex and you do not easily walk to the bathroom at the campsite to wash yourself. Wet wipes are always handy to have on hand.

3. Condoms

Well... this actually speaks for itself. Nothing is more annoying if you no longer have enough of your trusted brand in stock and you have to buy a foreign brand abroad. Or even worse, if you try to ask the cashier where the condoms lying ;)

4. Silicone lubricant

For many people, holidays also mean always looking for exciting places. Do you ever have sex in the shower, but the water bothers you during sex? Then try a lubricant based on  silicone . This lubricant does not wash away quickly through the water.

5. Fan

A hot tent or caravan with sauna temperatures can also take away the sex drive. Put a fan next to your bed!

6.Bluetooth speakers

Did you know that by turning on quiet background music you can also relax better during sex? How nice is it to have some extra romance in your bedroom during the holidays. A small sound box doesn't even have to take up that much space in your luggage. And if you have Spotify on your phone or tablet, there are special playlists for romantic evenings!

7. Battery operated tea lights

Would you like to light a candle? That can be quite dangerous in a tent or in such a small bedroom of the caravan. Bring battery operated tea lights. Safe romance guaranteed.

8. Picnic blanket for outdoor sex

Great sex in the open air and then also on vacation! Can you already see yourself lying between the lavender meadows in France? In the middle of a meadow or in the woods. Bring your picnic so you don't end up between the nettles or accidentally between the ants!

9. Silent vibrator

Well, nothing is more annoying than the tent next to you can enjoy the hum of your vibrator. Nowadays, the newest vibrators and sex toys are whisper quiet. So check before you put it in your luggage.

10. Sexpert and candid

Are you going on holiday with friends? Then test each other's knowledge in the field of sex. With the game sexpert  For example, you can play against each other as couples. You learn a lot of fun facts and 9 out of 10 times it leads to a good conversation! Would you like to have in-depth conversations with your partner about your sex and love life? Then take a look at the question cards of Openhearted .

With these tips, you should be able to make it a holiday together with a lot of intimate time!

Els Gouman

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