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Kissable oil 50 ml

Taste: Chocolate
  • Loveplay kissable oil is a tantalizing lickable oil that makes the skin taste delicious and gives it an extra warm sensation. Use your imagination and think for yourself what you can do with this oil.

    The lickable oil is a nice addition for those who enjoy oral sex! The lickable oil not only gives a delicious taste, but also has a warming effect. Blow gently after applying to the skin (e.g. your nipples, clitoris or glans) for a warm tingling sensation.

    Contents: 50 ml

    Kissable Oil is available in the following flavours:

    1. Cherries
    2. Strawberry
    3. Chocolate
    4. Raspberry

    Love Play Kissable Oil contains no chemical preservatives, is not tested on animals, is 100% vegan and is produced in the Netherlands.

inspired by love


Love Play products challenge you to play the game of love. The range includes lickable oils, body and massage oil and massage candles . The special essential oils in their products have been selected for their 'aphrodisic' (aphrodisiac) properties.


Love Play products are produced in the Netherlands, contain no chemical preservatives, are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. Love Play uses natural ingredients as much as possible and avoids unnecessary additives that you find in many other cosmetic or body care products. Quality does not have to be expensive!