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How wonderful love is....

How wonderful love is! More delicious than all other things one can desire. (Song of Songs 7:6, HTB) This is the wedding text that we chose more than thirteen years ago for our wedding day.

For many people, the wedding text has been on their heart for a long time, or that a certain Bible text has been someone's motto for years. Our text was born a bit out of necessity when it turned out that I was pregnant at the age of eighteen by my boyfriend, with whom I had only been in a relationship for seven months. We really wanted to get married and had three months to organize the wedding.

And yet, when I now look back on the past thirteen years that we have been married, this wedding text fits us perfectly and it turns out that it was not chosen at random. The text is tailored to us. Besides being best friends, we love each other dearly and our love for each other is the most important thing in my life.

Of course our marriage also has its ups and downs and we have experienced the reverse of 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 and 7: Love is patient and full of goodness. Love knows no envy, no vain display, and no complacency. She is not rude and selfish, she does not allow herself to be angered and she does not hold evil to account. She endures everything, believes everything, hopes everything, perseveres in everything.

Because I am still sometimes jealous when another beautiful woman looks at my husband and I can also get really angry at my husband if a comment from him is wrong. But if I let this text sink in again, I realize that we have a whole married life to discover love and let it blossom, and endure everything from each other, believe in each other and in our love to persevere.

An important aspect of our love for each other is intimacy and sexuality. I experience that sex makes our love even stronger. I am therefore convinced that good sex contributes to a good marriage. You can now also find our wedding text in our webshop. Because from our love, in addition to two beautiful children, a beautiful product was born. Our journey of discovery in the field of sex has resulted in the start of a Christian erotica shop and here I regularly write a blog about everything I experience in the field of sexuality.

Els Gouman

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