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Your relationship as a New Year's resolution!

We are already a few weeks into 2020. Over the past month I saw one list of new goals for 2020 after another on Facebook and Instagram. For many people, exercising more and losing weight, eating healthier, paying off debts and being more frugal with money are at the top of their list. Very good intentions of course, but not for me this year. With my pregnant body I can't eat everything anyway and I'm gaining weight now anyway. And you won't be able to save if you have to buy a new nursery.

What is at the top of my goals-for-2020 list for me this year (but actually always is) is my relationship with my husband. That we do our best to stay 'connected' with each other. A few weeks ago we agreed again to plan one evening a week free for each other. Then we go out for a nice meal, to the cinema, a night of dancing, etc. In recent years we had the Wednesday evening for this and we went to Salsa lessons together. When we stopped doing this at the beginning of my pregnancy, we really missed this night out together. Don't talk about your work and busy family for a while, but just enjoy time together, dancing and fun.
So if I may advise you to add one good intention to your list, it is to take time for each other. Together on the couch with a glass of wine and time for a good conversation. Really plan this evening in your agenda and turn off your phone during this evening. Not only a movie or a glass of wine on the couch is a way to spend your evening. How about going to bed extra early? Cuddle in bed with each other or give each other a nice massage, touch each other and talk to each other in the dark and discuss your dreams and deepest desires. Then you sometimes have completely different conversations than with the light on. It doesn't always have to end in sex, but that can certainly be a nice side effect, right?

Els Gouman

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