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Ultimate desire: a game full of surprises - interview with Sara Taels

September 2016 | Belgium - We spoke with Sara Taels about our erotic board game series 'Ultiem Verlangen' . Sara Taels obtained a Master's degree in Sexology at the Catholic University of Leuven. She is a sexologist and marketing manager for retail Belgium at Pabo. She is also active as a sex counselor.

Classic edition
In every erotica store you come across this relationship game, called 'Ultimate Desire'. A 'must have' for couples looking for a fun night out, a weekend getaway, a playful gift for a friend or a pleasurable sexual discovery. 'Ultimate Desire' is an added value for every relationship, according to sexologist Sara Taels. "The game contains hidden and undeniable relational treasures." In this article you will learn everything how the erotic game 'Ultimate Desire' can stimulate your relationship sexually.

To what does 'Ultimate Desire' owe its success?
Sara Taels: The success of 'Ultimate Desire' is not purely coincidental. It contains some essential relational cornerstones that can steer your relationship in the right direction. Whether you have a new relationship in which you learn to discover each other's wishes or a long-term relationship that needs renewal, the game responds to the wishes and needs of various types of relationships.

How can one game satisfy diverse sexual needs?
S ara Taels: The game is divided into two main categories: questions and do assignments. Subsequently, the main categories are divided into subcategories and are laid out as building blocks. You get the space as a couple and individual what categories and subcategories you add or eliminate in your game. In this way, the game offers a flexibility that follows your preferences. Sexuality is never the same every day: one day you feel like a quickie, the next day you just can't get enough of it and you prefer to experience hours of lovemaking. The game is available in several variants, including the travel edition.

Why do you as a sexologist recommend 'Ultimate Desire' to couples?
Sara Taels: Sexuality is, as it were, a discovery of our own needs and the needs of our partner. Needs that can change through experiences, our environment, a changing body, challenges we face. Sexuality is an ongoing development. 'Ultimate Desire' offers a playful way to deal with these sexual challenges and enriches your relationship with skills, knowledge and inspiration.

How is the game built?
Sara Taels: The game is structured in unisex questions and gender related assignments, both structured in three subcategories.

The questions
Within the questions, there are a number of categories:

  • Intimate questions: This section concerns preference questions, fantasies, etc. These questions can bring depth to a relationship, but you also get to know each other's sexual preferences. The latter is an essential condition for a satisfying sex life. Do you have the confidence in your partner to tell your ultimate fantasy?
  • Easy and hard knowledge questions: Let's talk about sex. With sex it is important that you know where the clapper hangs.
  • The questions offer an ideal mix between 'must know' sexual and intimate tidbits. Let us bring you closer together as a couple and give your sex life more inspiration by trying new things.

Not just talking, but also doing. The assignments gradually build up the tension, because they are divided into gradations. This way you can discover each other's preferences together. You start with tender assignments in which the passionate fire is gently fanned. If you have only just started together, this is the ideal opportunity to get to know each other's physical preferences. If you've been together for several years, you might learn other ways to expand your foreplay.

Tender assignments
Going passionately from scratch to a quickie is very exciting, but often not the rule in a sexual relationship. A build-up in sensuality is therefore essential in a relationship. You fully experience the power of foreplay during the tender assignments.

Intimate assignments
The desire has been fueled and there is a need to raise the temperature. You take the time for each other to let the tension flare up even more. Here you start and stop again, stare and stop,.... The focus is on teasing, the elixir of love in a good relationship.

Fiery commands
Played enough! We have arrived in 'The battle of Love'. Cumming is allowed in these assignments. But here too you get to know each other's preferences better or you can expand or rediscover each other's sexual repertoire.

Finally, we have a winner of the game and they win their ultimate desire. An afterplay that challenges to a new foreplay, this completes the sexual circle.

Final analysis
'Ultimate Desire' is ideal for:

  • A weekend away
  • Quality time
  • (Re)discovering each other's sexual preferences
  • expanding sexual repertoire
  • A guide in foreplay - main play - and afterplay: sexual cycle

Some of the traits that Ultimate Desire enhances:

  • Bonding/attachment in the relationship
  • Trust between partners
  • Communication about preferences in one's own sexual relationship
  • Tension (love jitters)
  • Sexual knowledge and skills

Got excited after reading this article? Order the game here!

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