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Christian sex shop intimate time in broadcast 'God in the low countries'

Ernst Daniël Smid is going on a journey through the history of the Low Countries for the fifth time. This time in three episodes he examines some of the Achilles heels of faith: money, violence and sex. In the 3rd episode, the origin of Intimitijd as a Christian sex shop is also discussed.

There is no more sensitive combination than God, church and sex. Jesus said remarkably little about sex, but the church early on declared sex to be dangerous territory. Necessary for reproduction, but infected with pernicious lust. The Reformation brings a cautious change. Ernst Daniël Smid brings 'Father Cats' to life in this episode, who turns out to think very differently about sex than Church Father Augustine. His books about women and married life, illustrated with many pictures, are in many families next to the State Bible on the mantelpiece. When the government gives prostitution too much space in the eyes of Johannes van der Steur, he tries to convince the whore runners in the middle of the night that they are on the wrong track. He regularly has to pay for it with a beating or a pot of urine on top of his head! But his Midnight Mission leaves quite a few empty parlor rooms.

In the sixties of the last century, psychiatrist Kees Trimbos softened church sexual morality in Catholic circles with his KRO radio talks. Never before had sex been discussed so candidly on the radio as by him. In addition, he warns of child abuse by priests, more than fifty years before it came out how big that problem was in his time.

Renze Klamer and Els Gouman, owner of the Christian erotica shop Intimitijd, visit a sex toy wholesaler.

The broadcast is (unfortunately) no longer available online...

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