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Christians and sex

Song of Songs 7:6 "How glorious is love! More glorious than all other things one can desire."

The entire book of Songs of Songs is filled with declarations of love from man to woman and vice versa. How beautiful it is to read in the Bible that Christians are also allowed to enjoy love, sex and intimacy with each other. God has given us something very unique. We humans are allowed to enjoy sex and each other. This is also our starting point for the webshop: enjoying each other by being intimate together, but also by taking the time for each other and, for example, giving each other a wonderful massage or planning a romantic evening for your partner. We challenge you to walk through the webshop together and discuss with each other what you think would be fun to order or receive. Then use our products to enjoy intimate time together.

"At you will find a selection of quality products that can be used to give the intimate time together a new impulse."


There are still many Christians for whom sexuality is taboo. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know that sex is meant to be enjoyed together. As a result, many issues surrounding sexuality remain undiscussed. For example, a common problem is that not all women can reach an orgasm equally easily. For some of these women, using a vibrator during sex can help them relax and achieve an orgasm. The use of toys during sex is a big taboo for many Christians. We think it's important to talk about sex together as a couple. Learn from each other what you like and don't like, how to get in the right mood, what you find important when it comes to sex. Also talk to each other about each other's limits when it comes to certain positions and the use of toys, for example. When you encounter certain objections, think about what they are based on and where they come from. Sometimes objections arise from tradition, without good arguments for this. The challenge is to get out of this together. In any case, we hope that this webshop can contribute to the openness about sexuality among Christians.

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