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Womanizer OG

Colour: Black

The new Womanizer OG is the very first toy with air pressure stimulation for both the clitoris and G-spot!

The Womanizer OG Black combines the acclaimed Pleasure Air technology and vibrations in one massager and takes your orgasm to a new intense level. This new sex toy from Womanizer is flexible and shaped in such a way that it completely adapts to the shape of your body and not only comfortably pampers the clitoris on the outside with air pressure stimulation, but also easily reaches the G-spot in the vagina. Many women have tested whether air pressure stimulation also works for the G-spot and the answer was an overwhelming YES!

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The patented Pleasure Air technology stimulates with pulsating waves and a soft sucking effect in 12 intensities that can easily be adjusted up and down at the push of a button (+/-). The simultaneous vibration can also be easily adjusted in 3 positions (soft, medium, intensive) with the push of a button.

Thanks to the Smart Silence function, the Womanizer OG is only activated when contact with the skin is guaranteed. Until then, the OG will be running in almost silent standby mode. To guarantee a relaxing orgasm final, the OG switches back to the lowest level (afterglow) with the push of a button. Also in the bath and shower, because the Womanizer OG is waterproof.

How do I use the Womanizer OG?

It is nice to first apply a little water -based lubricant to the surface of the Womanizer. Turn on the Womanizer OG. He will not work immediately. This is due to the Smart Silence. Only when the mouth touches the skin will it work. (This can also be turned off the Smart Silence function).

Come in the mood by first placing the mouth over the clitoris. Due to the sucking effect, a rapid blood supply to the clitoris will soon give you a wonderful feeling to more! Then bring the vibrator and with the mouth to the top and experience internal air pressure stimulation on the G-spot that is approximately 5 cm deeper on the inside. For an even more intense feeling you turn on the vibrations and a great double sensation brings you to an intense and deep peak.

You can also alternate to tease yourself even more and use the OG alternately externally and internally.


Pleasure Air Technology
Pleasure Air stimulation focuses on the clitoris and G-spot with pulsating waves and soft suction power, which leads to a new kind of extraordinary orgasm.

Simultaneous stimulation
Womanizer OG combines Pleasure Air stimulation with vibrations for a completely new experience. Two types of stimulation means double pleasure.

The smart design positions vibrations and Pleasure Air perfectly. Bent to your body, with a flexible shaft for a personal fit.

12 intensity levels
Perfectly balanced intensity levels offer the right setting for every mood.

3 vibration levels
Choose the wavelength that suits you - low, average or high vibrations.

Smart Silence
Fun Air stimulation is only switched on with direct contact with the skin, which saves the battery and noise is reduced.

Fully soft -feeling surface
Womanizer OG is completely coated in body -safe silicone for a great feeling on the skin. Equipped with a soft, silky surface, the Womanizer OG glides automatically inside, and is therefore easy to introduce and adapts perfectly to the body and your movements.

Womanizer OG is waterproof (IPX7), making it easy to enjoy everything, both in the bath and in the shower, and easy to clean.

Afterglow function
By briefly pressing the min button, Womanizer OG quickly returns to the lowest position for a relaxed end to an orgasm.

  • 2-in-1: Pulsator and vibrator
  • Pleasure Air technology with vibrations
  • Stimulates internal (G-zone) or external (clitoris)
  • 12 intensity levels
  • 3 vibration positions
  • Smart Silence function
  • Afterglow function
  • Ergonomically shaped, flexible
  • Water -resistant
  • Silky silicone
  • Including storage bag
  • Rechargeable - incl. USB Magnetic Charger

Rechargeable - USB magnetic charger charging cable and storage bag (100% cotton) included.

Weight 152g
ABS, PU, silicone.

Go. Love Yourself!


Everyone has the right to a satisfactory sex life.
Womanizer is the brand that offers women sexual satisfaction in a revolutionary way. With their unique 'Pleasure Air Technology', the Women's brand delivers an unparalleled orgasm experience. The products are easy to use, comfortable and discreet, and offer intense sexual satisfaction.

5 year Guarantee*

Womanizer stands for quality. All toys undergo different tests and checks before they are sent.

Is there anything wrong with your Toy? Intimation time is authorized Womanizer seller so that we can offer you a 5 -year warranty on the toys of Womanizer!

Everyone is unique!

The stimulation head of a Womanizer completely surrounds the clitoris and delivers incredible sensations. Since no clitoris is the same, most products are equipped with two different attachments to ensure that everyone can choose the fit that fits best.

*Conditions 5 year warranty

Have you purchased a Womanizerat Intimitijd and is not defect or not working properly? Always contact us and we will look for a solution together.

The warranty applies to product errors and manufacturing defects on all rechargeable and battery -fed items. (Cords, charging cables and layout caps are not covered by the warranty). Damage caused by incorrect use, excessive use and dismantling are excluded from the warranty conditions.

Do you need a new charging cable or attachments / caps? Contact us, in many cases we can reorder for you!