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Massage candle 100% vegetable

Odor: Tingly Mint

Massage candle Just No Nonsense
A vegetable wax, consisting of Shea Butter, Soy wax (non-GMO), avocado, safflower and sunflower oil. When you light the candle, it turns into a warm, wonderfully scented massage oil. The mix of caring ingredients nourish and soften the skin. A treat for your skin and a pleasure for the senses!

Massage candles are available in the following scents

  • Spicy sandalwood: A warm, rich woody scent.
  • Tingly peppermint: The scent is a combination of peppermint and spearmint.
  • None: A special series that contains neither perfume nor essential oils . Suitable for people who do not like strong scents or are allergic to perfume.
    100% vegetable origin and virtually odourless.
  • Wild clove & lime : A refreshing combination of spicy and citrus fruits.

Content: 200 grams

The products of JUST NO NONSENSE! contain no superfluous or misleading texts, but reliable information and clear language: what should be on it, is on it. Dyes are omitted in these products. These just make a product look nicer, but otherwise serve no purpose. A good product is produced with as few basic ingredients as possible, which are exclusively of vegetable origin; ingredients that are effective and reinforce each other in combination. Nothing more and nothing less!


  • 100% animal friendly
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% NO NONSENSE!

How do I use a massage candle?

1. Light the massage candle and put it in a safe place.

2. Please note that it takes at least 15 minutes for enough oil to melt.

3. Blow out the flame before using the massage candle. Wait about 1 minute for the melted oil to cool slightly.

4. After burning for a long time, the outside of the candle may be hot. Check this carefully.

5. First feel with your finger, wrist or top of your hand whether the oil is not too hot. Let it stand a little longer if this is the case.

6. Place your hand on your partner's body, palm down. Pour the oil onto the top of your hand so that it flows down your hand onto your partner's body. This way you can be sure that it doesn't feel too hot on the skin.

7. Massage the body parts you want.

Please note: the oil of a massage candle is not suitable as a lubricant or for use on or in the private parts.

Tips: provide a heated (bed) room. Create a romantic atmosphere and possibly put on relaxing music. The massage candle spreads a wonderful scent while burning, which will definitely put you in the mood!