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Tenga Vacuum Gyro Roller Set

Colour: Black

A new premium masturbator from Tenga. Gives sensations like never before!

The Tenga Vacuum Gyro Roller is a masturbator from the Japanese brand Tenga. This set consists of:

  • Gyro Roller Masturbator (Rechargeable)
  • 1 Premium Vacuum cup

Suck and rotate

The premium vacuum cup is inserted into the Gyro Roller so that you can enjoy a fully automatic masturbation session. The functions on the Gyro Roller mimic the effect of a hand job (jerk off) and blowjob (blowjob). The rotating Gyro Roller offers an intense massage for the penis that can be alternated with a wonderful suction effect.

The Vacuum Cup can also be used as a (manual) masturbator without the Tengo Gyro Roller. This disposable masturbator is immediately ready for use and is already lubricated. The Vacuum Cups can also be ordered separately.


  • Powerful suction
  • 4 rhythmic suction patterns
  • Powerful rotation
  • 4 automatic rotation patterns
  • SPEED LOCK function
  • Intuitive gyroscopic controls
  • Easy detachable design
  • Reusable and rechargeable (Gyro Roller)
  • Weight: Approx . 530g / 1.17lb.
  • Product materials: ABS, PC, Elastomer
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery, 7.4v 1500mah
  • Running Time: Approx . 60 minutes
  • Charging method: AC adapter (9V.1A)
  • Charging Time: Approx . 150 minutes

Product dimensions:
86.5 x 191 x 86.5mm / (W) x (H) x (D) / 3.41 x 3.41 x 7.52in. (D)×(W)×(H)

Please note: you can only watch the Youtube video when you are logged in to Youtube due to the age restriction.

There are additional (different) Vacuum Cups for sale in our webshop:

  • Standard (deep feeling)
  • Soft (suitable for high rotational positions)
  • Hard (tighter feel)