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Do you know more than your fellow players about love and sexuality? Then you are the sex expert or the Sexpert!

The Tease & Please collection is expanded with a daring quiz about sexuality and love! Test your sexual knowledge by taking turns drawing a question card. The questions are very diverse and surprising. In addition, they may open doors that have remained closed to you until now... And of course the questions (and especially the answers) are educational for everyone. Almost every question has an extensive explanation in addition to the answer. Unfortunately, there are still many taboos and prejudices, especially in the field of sexuality. SEXPERT will deal with this definitively.

The game contains more than 200 question cards (partly with illustrations), 1 game board, 6 pawns and 6 corresponding answer tokens. You take turns drawing a question card. This can be an open question, a true/false question or a multiple choice question. Some questions you have to answer alone and other questions all players can participate. Whether you know a lot or a little, whether you get red ears from talking about sex or not, this quiz will always make you wiser!

Example questions:

- Which position burns the most calories (as an active partner)?

- True or False? Women who often wear shoes with very high heels experience their climax more intensively.

- In which specific situation does a man produce sperm containing up to twice as many sperm cells (spermatozoids) as normal?

- Some men, sometimes without even realizing it, do edging. Do you know what that is?

Sexpert not only increases the knowledge and insight of the players, but also the freedom within which sexuality can be discussed. Moodzz shares its own knowledge, the knowledge of sexologists and experience experts in this stimulating game full of facts. Fun is guaranteed!