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You joke about having sex with your friends, but do you really say what you are doing, thinking or on your mind? How much do you dare to tell about yourself and how well can you assess your fellow players?

Sex Talk contains 54 varied, surprising and challenging questions that tempt you and your fellow players to be candid about the sexiest topics. You take turns drawing a card with a question like:

  • Give a good tip for a wonderful erotic date with your loved one.
  • Have you ever had sex when you really didn't feel like it? If so, why did you do it anyway?
  • Have you had sex education? From whom, and what did you learn from it?

These and many other questions will provide revealing answers, hilarious moments, serious reflections, sexy discoveries and above all... have fun together!

This challenging game is intended for two or more players and can be played with anyone and anywhere.