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Candid Fireworks mini edition

For smashing holidays and a banging New Year.

Christmas and New Years traditionally bring friends and family together. Everything is different this year, even the holidays cannot escape the new reality. However, our need for contact and connection is alive and well.

Traditions therefore demand creative solutions more than ever. Candid Fireworks offers you the opportunity to share wishes, ideas and intentions with each other in a safe but at the same time super intimate way.

A candid conversation creates connection, even if this is physically impossible.

Take turns tackling one of 52 challenges, including:
• If you won a million in the year-end lottery,
what would you do with that?
• If you could wish something for the person on the right
next to you, what would that be?
• Now toast this company.
What are you going to say?

Openhearted Fireworks ensure spectacular holidays
and a smashing New Year. This festive game is suitable for players aged 7 and older.

Happy Holidays!