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Candid About Sex

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Talk openly and honestly about sex and intimacy.

How open and honest are you with your (sex) partner and others when it comes to sex and intimacy? To what extent do you dare to share your sexual feelings, thoughts and behavior?

Talking about sex is quite a challenge for many people, even though it is an essential part of our lives. Talking about what we want, what turns us on (and what doesn't.) What we're proud of, insecure about, and how often we want to do it. Communication is key to maximize sexual pleasure.

With these 100+ questions from 'Candid About Sex',
are you challenged to be open about eroticism such as;
• Do you prefer to be touched softly or hard during sex?
• What is your most erogenous zone?
• How do you bring variety to your sex life?
• Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex? Or would you like to give it a try?

Surprise each other with your answers about sexual preferences, wishes, limits and needs.

This challenging game is intended for two or more players and can be played with anyone and anywhere.