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Masturbation egg

Type: Crater

Masturbator in the shape of an egg

Available in the different eggs. The eggs all have a different structure on the inside. See photos for the structure on the inside that belongs to each variant.

  • Misty
  • surfer
  • Cloudy
  • crater
  • Cool edition: With the internal structure of the popular variant 'WAVY' and a lubricated gel with a hint of menthol that gives a cold sensation on the penis.

Revolutionary concept of the Tenga brand. Inside each egg is a top quality masturbator that will give you a feeling like you've never experienced before.

The eggs are soft and stretchy and can slide all over the penis (suitable for any size). A sachet of lubricant (for single use) is included. The eggs are made for single use, but can be cleaned with water and mild soap, so you can use them more than once (just make sure you have extra lubricant at home).