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Massage butter Just No Nonsense 250 ml

Product: Tingly Mint

Massage Butter (massage butter)
A rich, soft creamy compound of Shea Butter and vegetable oils that, when in contact with the skin, transform into a wonderfully caring and soothing body or massage oil. Nourishes dry skin and relieves irritated skin.

Available in the scents:

  • Spicy Sandalwood: A warm, rich woody scent.
  • Tingly Mint: The scent is a combination of peppermint and spearmint.
  • None: A special series that one no perfume and no essential oils contains. Suitable for people who do not like strong scents or are allergic to perfume. 100% vegetable origin and virtually odourless.
  • Wild clove & lime : A refreshing combination of spicy and citrus fruits.

Content 250 ml

The products of JUST NO NONSENSE! contain no superfluous or misleading texts, but reliable information and clear language: what should be on it, is on it. Dyes are omitted in these products. These just make a product look nicer, but otherwise serve no purpose. A good product is produced with as few basic ingredients as possible, which are exclusively of vegetable origin; ingredients that are effective and reinforce each other in combination. Nothing more and nothing less!

JUST NO NONSENSE products are:

100% animal friendly
100% vegan