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Flex Masturbation Sleeve

Colour: Rocky Black
Rocky Black
Silky White

TENGA FLEX is a reusable masturbator sleeve with a soft flexible exterior. The soft case has a spiral shape and is suitable for all shapes and sizes and gives a strong vacuum feeling. When you move the FLEX up and down, you experience completely new sensations because the sleeve alternately tightens and releases.

A special combination of soft materials gives the cover a soft and smooth feel.

The FLEX's soft case allows the user to squeeze and twist to infinitely vary the intensity and sensations. The flexible case ensures that it connects, sucks in and releases very easily. It opens the moment your penis goes in and closes the moment you slide out and while sliding you experience the stimulating pressure points on the inside.

The removable elastomeric sleeve is easy to clean with water.
The hood can be turned over and thus serves as a standard to allow the sleeve to dry easily and hygienically.


  • Silky White - Soft spirals with delicious suction (softer interior details, softer elastomeric sleeve)
  • Rocky Black - Stimulate strong spirals with strong suction (intense interior details, firmer elastomeric sleeve)