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Shower Pro

Colour: Black

Enjoy a stimulating, deep cleanse with the Nexus Shower Pro. It has a large capacity of 330 ml and a curved neck that fits perfectly into the body. The shower is made of high quality rubber and the nozzle of super smooth plastic. Easy to use and pleasant for a good deep clean.

The shower can be used as a 'vaginal shower' or as an 'anal shower'. we do not recommend using 1 product for both (at the same time) due to hygiene.

vaginal douche:

Is it necessary to use a vaginal douche? No absolutely not! However, some women find it pleasant and nice to use it before sex to have the feeling of being 'clean' for their partner. Or just after sex to get clean. Or at the end of a period to wash away the last bits of blood.

How to use? Use it in the shower or on the toilet. Fill the bulb with lukewarm water (not hot water!) and avoid soap or other chemicals. Insert the tip into the vagina and squeeze the bulb. Then drain the water. 1 or 2 times is enough.

Note: We do not recommend using a vaginal douche too often as it can disturb the natural balance of the vagina. We also advise against doing it if you are pregnant.

anal shower:

When you want to discover anal play with your partner, hygiene is often the biggest barrier. in an anal douche, you rinse the rectum in preparation for anal play.

Use it in the shower or over the toilet. Take enough time for this. The tip of the shower is easiest to insert with a little lubricant. Fill the bulb with lukewarm water. Avoid soap or chemicals. Sit or lie in a position that is comfortable for you and insert the tip of the shower. Squeeze the bulb to empty it, if possible hold the water for 10 seconds and then release it into the toilet. you can repeat this a few times until the water is clear what comes out. Usually 1 or 2 times is sufficient, but this can vary per person.

Please note: we do not recommend an anal shower if you have an 'anal' disease or condition or if you are pregnant.