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Books about sexuality and Christians

Intimate Time gives tips for books that deal with sex, love, relationships and intimate time that are specifically written for Christians or Christian couples. Do you have any tips yourself? Let us know!


Love for two is open, but not shameless. It is a complete handbook, covering medical and technical as well as emotional and spiritual aspects of sexual life. Love for two is the information book for people who want to know everything about sexuality in marriage, against the background of what the Bible says about the coexistence of man and woman. The book is very practical and filled with a deep wonder at the beauty of what God gives to couples.

Author: E. Wheat & G. Wheat

Co-author: Gaye Wheat

  • Dutch
  • 279 pages
  • Gideon
  • April 1999
Product image Being married is not heaven

Being Married Isn't Heaven is a marriage book that is completely different. Annemarie knows how to touch the reader with her short, stimulating texts. Hilarious, confrontational, vulnerable and moving. As if you are watching a cabaret performance while reading, balancing between laughter and silence.

Annemarie van Heijningen-Steen Breng is a writer, speaker and columnist for EO-Visie.

'Happily married or less happily married? Just, just not or not yet married by a long shot? Doesn't matter: read this book!'

- Writer Guurtje Leguijt


This is a candid and honest book about sexuality, full of examples, practical tips and psychological insights. Intended for all couples who want to keep it fun between the sheets!

With his characteristic warmth and humor, Dr. Kevin Leman gives an honest and practical description of sexuality according to God's purpose.

In Between the Sheets, the author uses a warm and friendly tone of voice to encourage married Christian couples to break taboos and be honest about their sexual relationship.

Author: Kevin Leman

  • Dutch
  • 242 pages
  • Medema
  • May 2012

Discover how to grow old happily together
By Willem and Marian de Vink

Are you interested in relationships and how they work from a Christian perspective? Then this book will help you! We answer important questions, such as: what is a marriage anyway? How do you get a good marriage? What is love? How do you talk constructively with each other? How does God see your relationship? What does the Bible say about love and marriage? We believe that marriage is meant to grow old together happily!

After reading this book:
• Do you know what marriage means.
• You look at your partner with different eyes.
• Has your love had a growth spurt?

Hot issue!

Esther Kaper was a firm believer in the Christian principle of 'no sex before marriage' until she got into a serious relationship. The unruly practice led to questions. What is this principle actually based on? What about the "grey area" between kissing and the act? In Hot issues, Esther talks candidly about the gap between her beliefs and the sexual desires she experienced during her relationship. She advocates more openness about sexuality among Christians.

Author: Esther Kaper

  • Dutch
  • 192 pages
  • Medema
  • April 2011