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Research results: 'Sex in Corona time'

1 in 4 people finds sex life improved in corona time!

Several erotic shops have recently been in the news with reports of the enormous increase in the sale of sex toys and other erotic items in corona times. Els from the Christian erotica shop Intimijd .nl also noticed that more orders were placed in times of (intensive) lockdowns. Couples were home more often and had time to spare due to, for example, the lack of travel time.


Research into the experience of sex and the relationship in corona times

Has the corona period influenced how couples rate their relationship and sex life? An interesting question that Els van Intimitijd wanted an answer to. In the spring of 2021, she therefore conducted a survey among customers and followers of the Christian erotica shop. The 'EO Eva' and 'Sexologists with Twee' also shared the survey, so that it was eventually completed by 379 people! More women (68%) participated than men (32%) and the average age of the respondents was 41 years. The research is widely shared and therefore not specifically aimed at only Christian couples. In this article she shares the results of her research.

Corona period predominantly positive effect on relationship

A striking insight: no less than 26% of the respondents indicate that the influence of the corona period on their sex life has been positive, compared to the previous period. On the other hand, 17% of the respondents indicate that the corona period has had a negative influence and 57% indicate that they experience 'no change'. Another striking insight is that the percentage of people who indicate that their relationship has improved during the corona period is even greater, with no less than 41%! The corona period has therefore also brought positive things to some of the people.

Influence of Corona on sex life - Intimidation


Relationship Satisfaction

In general, people rate their relationship with a significantly higher rating (8.1) than their sex life (7.0). When we look at the differences between men and women, it is striking that men rate both their relationship and sex life lower on average than women. Men give their sex life an average of 6.8 and women rate their sex life with a 7.1.

Relationship satisfaction corona sex life

No less than 41% of the respondents indicate that their relationship has improved during the corona period. In addition, about 33% of people indicate that they have been able to spend more 'intimate time' with their partner and just over 26% indicate that the quality of their sex life has improved. A number of respondents explain:

“Corona crisis has not had a negative impact, but has only been positive for our relationship. More time together and no/less social obligations.”

“I was done with our relationship. But because we now depended on each other and had no distractions (meetings, parties, etc.) outside the door, we started talking on the couch more often in the evening and had more quality time. The corona period may have saved our relationship.”

Unfortunately, these positive effects do not apply to everyone. About 30% disagree with both the statements 'I have been able to spend more intimate time with my partner' and 'the quality of my sex life has improved'. Having one or more children who had to stay at home a lot will undoubtedly have played a role in this. As one of the respondents aptly put it:

“It is difficult to be intimate with 2 teenagers in the house all the time.


Sex toys and experimentation

More than 23% of the respondents indicate that they have experimented more with sex during the corona period. “In the open responses to the survey, we read that people have had sex in the open air, they found it exciting to make love between work or that they bought a sex toy for the first time. We also asked the latter and 16% indicate that they purchased a sex toy for the first time during the corona period.” Els Gouman, owner of, explains. Two responses from the survey:

“There was more free time, so more time for relaxation and more time for each other .”

“We have found that sex toys such as vibrators are fantastic for both men and women and enrich their sex life.”


Els: “The corona period has been a tough period for a lot of people, during which, in addition to the virus itself, they may have also suffered from work stress or because the children have been home a lot. Fortunately, our research shows that for many people the corona period has had a positive effect on their relationship and sex life because they have been able to spend more time together.” Responses from respondents:

“Because you have much less or no physical contact with other people, no hugs from friends, the physical contact with my partner has become much more intense and important.”

“Our baby was conceived during the lockdown. So we spent our time well!”

“So spending more time together can really have a positive effect on your relationship and your sex life. We think that is a good lesson to take with you to the upcoming period. Before you know it you will be back in the delusion of life as it was before corona. Make time for each other, invest in your relationship and keep exploring! For example, use the themes from our research to talk to your partner about how you have experienced the past period and how this has influenced your relationship and sex life.”

An overview of the most important results can be seen in the infographic below.

Els Gouman

Founder and owner of

Infographic Research Intimidation - Sex in Corona time

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