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Cone Ball Tulipano

Colour: Pink

Kegel ball. Completely waterproof. Medical grade silicone.
Diameter: 20mm
Ball Weight: 55g

Start the treatment by inserting the kegel ball into your vagina as if it were a tampon. Try to keep it in place for 15 minutes. You must stand or keep moving during that time, never sit or lie down. The kegel ball will tend to sink and fall under its own weight. That will trigger a spontaneous reflex that causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract. This action provides highly effective and specific physiotherapy.

Continue to do this routine for as many days as necessary until you can comfortably hold that weight.

The advice of intimate time is, if you are not used to training your pelvic floor muscles, to start with a bowling ball with only one ball. The Tulipan. This way you cannot overload your muscles. Only when you can easily train with one ball is it advisable to continue training with the extension 'Peaonia' (2 balls). Of course you can also buy them both.

TIP: Keep your toys hygienically clean with a special cleaner