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Lubricant Water-based Aqua Glyde

Fun and enjoyment! Aqua Glyde is a wonderful water-based lubricant. It makes your sex life more enjoyable and exciting.

Aqua Glyde is a water-based lubricant and a perfect addition to the natural moisture. You can use it together or with a sex toy. The use of extra lubricant ensures that you can relax and enjoy.

The gel can be applied to the intimate areas and you can apply it as often as you like. Aqua Glyde is made from natural ingredients and suitable for intimate use. The gel is pH neutral and maintains the natural balance in the vagina. It contains no fragrance, color or flavorings and is free of parabens.

Aqua Glyde is safe to use with latex condoms.

Vaginal dryness can occur during periods of stress, during pregnancy or during menopause. The use of a lubricant can provide relief. The lubricant supplements the natural moisture deficiency and ensures a pleasant feeling during sex.