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Wingman Condoms 8 pcs

Having sex with a Wingman instead of a regular condom means less interruption, a better feeling and safer use.

- Easier: apply in 2 seconds with 1 hand, even in the dark.
- Thinner: extra thin, which gives a more natural feeling, yet more secure.
- Safer: no hand-condom contact, air-free spout, never the wrong way around.

How? You grab the Wingman by his wings and unroll the condom with it until the wings release and..... Have fun!

With the development of Wingman, the basic problems of the condom have been tackled for the first time, resulting in a product that takes safe sex to the next level: the easiest, tastiest and safest alternative to sex without a condom.

"Our mission is to improve the experience of safe sex for everyone."

8 pcs